What is the ideal dosage of Garcinia Cambogia?

If you’ve recently purchased your Garcinia Cambogia supplement capsules for the first time, or are considering them, you’re likely asking what is the ideal dosage of Garcinia Cambogia to take?

The good news is that if you’ve gotten this far, you’re already a few steps closer to shedding some of those extra pounds in a healthy way. The annoying part is, with so many sites out there trying to do nothing but sell you something, the information you get about Garcinia Cambogia dosage can seem inconsistent at best.

Spoiler: There is no single “ideal dosage” of Garcinia Cambogia. Rather, your ideal dosage is going to depend on a few things. More on that below.

What’s the recommended dosage of Garcinia Cambogia and how much do most people take?

The recommended dosage should be included with each product, and tends to vary, with an average around 800 - 1,000 mg per day. The most conservative dieters start with just 250 to 500 mg per day, but it’s considered safe to use significantly more than that. In clinical trials of the Garcinia Cambogia extract, doses given actually ranged from 1,500 to over 4,500 mg per day. More on the clinical trials conducted is available here.

What’s the right Garcinia Cambogia dosage for me?

Your recommended dosage of Garcinia Cambogia depends primarily on:

  1. Your weight loss goals. “What do you mean, my goals??” Just like at work, diets tend to be more successful with a specific set of goals (more on creating a diet plan). For example, you might set a goal of losing 1 kg per week for a month, and then 1.5 kg per week the the next month. The more aggressive your weight loss goals are, the higher you might choose to make your Garcinia Cambogia daily intake.
  2. Your body chemistry. This one is a bit nebulous, as every “body” is different - in so many ways - and everyone’s body chemistry will react differently to Garcinia Cambogia. You may already know, for example, if your metabolism is faster than most people’s. As this factor is so unique to every individual, the only way to really account for it is to test how your body deals with Garcinia Cambogia at different dosage levels. More on testing below.
  3. The product you purchase. Another thing to consider when coming up with your ideal dosage is the product itself. A purer product (one with a higher HCA concentration) will require a smaller dosage, whereas an impure product may require a significantly higher daily intake. Use your product’s recommended dosage as a baseline from which you increase or decrease your personal dosage. More on where to buy Garcinia Cambogia.
  4. Your comfort level. This is really a matter of your personal risk tolerance. As we mentioned above, clinical trials were conducted as a much higher dosage than the standard dose for most Garcinia Cambogia products, so taking more is generally safe. However, you should only take as much as you’re comfortable trying.

So how many mg of Garcinia Cambogia should I take to lose weight?

Once you’ve thought about your weight loss goals (how much you want to lose and in what time period), your own body chemistry (such as your metabolism rate), the serving size / recommended dosage for the product you have, and your own comfort level, it’s time to decide on your ideal Garcinia Cambogia dosage. To do that, we’re going to recommend running a test on your body. Here are the basics, and we’ll go over this in more detail in a separate article.

Note that we don’t recommend starting with anything under 500 mg per day, as the odds are that with that dosage you won’t see much of an impact, unless you’re already super skinny (in which case why are you even reading this??).

Phase 1 (weeks 1 to 4) - “Take the plunge”

Remember the above factors. If based on these, you’re on the low end of the dosage spectrum, start at the bare minimum of 500 mg. If you’re on the higher end, start with the “normal” 1,000 mg dose. If you’re on the higher end and feel like being more aggressive, start with 1,500 mg. Keep in mind, these amounts are only guidelines. Whatever amount you choose, stick with it for the full 4 weeks. Tip: if you want to determine the true impact of Garcinia Cambogia (at this dose) on your body, try not to change much about your eating habits. Note: It takes a week or 2 for enough HCA to reach your system to start making an impact, so don’t expect huge results right away.

Phase 2 (weeks 5 to 8) - “Optimize”

Having kept a close eye on your weight during phase 1, think about whether this is a weight loss pace you’re happy with. If you didn’t lose any weight, or if you didn’t lose more than 1 kg total, consider increasing your Garcinia Cambogia dosage by 50% (500 mg becomes 750 mg, 1,000 mg becomes 1,500 mg) without going over 2,000 mg per day. If you’re losing weight at “just the right pace” (2 to 5 kg for the month) great! You’ve hit your ideal Garcinia Cambogia dosage in your first try! We’re going to assume you won’t be losing too much weight, but if you are, you can lower your dosage a bit. Now, combine your “updated” dosage with some sustainable changes to your diet.

Phase 3 (weeks 9 on) - “Work it”

After 8 weeks into your Garcinia Cambogia diet, you’re basically a pro. At this point, you should have a good sense for your ideal daily intake to get the most from your supplement. In this phase, you should feel free to adjust your dosage as needed. You should also be incorporating some moderate improvements to what else you put in your body (in a way that doesn’t leave you with crazy cravings), as well as some changes to the physical activities you do. Remember, nothing too wild or unsustainable. This stage is about “working it” and enjoying the benefits!

And don't forget to celebrate!