Reviews about Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia reviews are everywhere. This small but mighty exotic plant has been quickly sweeping across the scientific word, television talk shows, world news and health websites. Everyone wants a bit of the new miracle weight-loss extract that is able to help you lose weight without changing your diet or even exercising! It is hard to avoid the masses of Garcinia Cambogia extract reviews that are bombarding the media. With thousands of new users every day, Garcinia Cambogia reviews discuss the real abilities of this phenomenal extract and whether the results are as spectacular as they seem.

Early Garcinia Cambogia extract reviews

Reviews of the Garcinia Cambogia extract are not a new thing. The extract from the rind of the garcinia fruit has been used for centuries in cooking and medicinal practices in the deep jungles of Southern Asia. It appeared to keep those that ate the citrus fruit healthy and more active than other members of the tribe. These early uses and Garcinia Cambogia reviews showed that the substance was perfect for providing quick stomach relief and was used to bulk out meals in order to keep the tribes people fuller for longer when food became scarce. 

How to find the best Garcinia Cambogia supplement

1. Check the HCA content

The best Garcinia Cambogia products are those with the highest content of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). HCA is the active ingredient in the Garcinia fruit weight loss pills; it is responsible for quickly burning up fat and stopping enzymes in your body from converting the carbohydrates you eat into fat cells. This means that the extra large fries you order aren’t going to end up on your thighs! Most researchers believe that products containing any less that 50% Hydroxycitric Acid are unlikely to cause any noticeable weight-loss and those that boast of being the best Garcinia Cambogia normally contain a much higher percentage of this compound. It is hard to find products with 100% Garcinia Cambogia extract in them because other ingredients such as calcium and potassium are often used in the creation of the supplement. Reviews show that quality Garcinia Cambogia supplements will often contain around 60% HCA and few unnatural extras.

2. Check the other ingredients

The best Garcinia Cambogia extract reviews always come from those which contain fewer added ingredients. The more ingredients in the supplement generally the less effective it will be. Users and scientists have both warned others against using products with extra sugar, caffeine and binders in them. These unnatural fillers can often work against the HCA content of the pill and even cause unwelcome side effects. Binders in health supplements are often used to speed up the production process and help companies achieve higher profits, however they certainly won’t improve their reviews. The best Garcinia Cambogia supplements will certainly not contain these extra ingredients yet some pills which contain the compound Potassium have been shown to help the absorption of the HCA and therefore show improved results.

The sure fire way then to ensure that you’re buying the best Garcinia Cambogia product is to check that the HCA percentage is high and that there are few other unknown ingredients in the supplement.

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What are the experts saying?

There are varying Garcinia Cambogia reviews available and numerous studies have been done to find out if this little plant can do everything we hope it can. The American Dr. Oz has noted on his talk show that the extract is ‘the newest, fastest fat buster’ and recommends that everyone suffering with weight related issues trys the Garcinia Cambogia diet. His supportive Garcinia Cambogia reviews have given the extract a huge amount of increased attention. Other researchers agree with Dr. Oz that the supplement is able to do great things. Ms Ulbricht, a pharmacist who reviewed the Garcinia Cambogia supplement for the Natural Standard Research Collaboration, recorded that studies did show that the HCA in the pills prevented the enzyme from converting sugar into fats and thus prevented weight gain in its testers. She also stated that in most cases the subjects experienced dramatic weight-loss and often a greater mood.

Is the evidence reliable?

Most of the Garcinia Cambogia reviews come from information gathered from trials involving animals. These tests, though almost always positive have shown inconsistent results. Onakpoya collated all the results from all of the clinical trials together and found that there was just a small weight loss that occurred of just less than two pounds. There had been huge weight loss results in some experiments and very small, almost insignificant results from others. Later knowledge about the trials showed that the experiments all had flaws in their method and operation. This meant that that the results were deemed as too unreliable to guarantee accurate Garcinia Cambogia reviews.

Will the weight loss last?

The randomized controlled trials suggested that the HCA in the Garcinia fruit supplements was able to create short term weight loss effects. However over longer periods of time the results were less comprehensive and some showed that testers regained the weight once they had stopped taking the pill.

However, these results do not match many of the more recent Garcinia Cambogia extract reviews and tests. Many users of the extract have reported that once they had stopped taking the supplement they still felt like they could maintain their new weight, mostly because the size of their appetite had shrunk. Dr. Oz's television show used the example of a woman who lost over 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds) from taking the supplement and was continuing to eat less and have more energy.

The conclusion here is that the results tend to last for a fairly long time, but they also depend on the person taking the supplement.

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What more do Garcinia Cambogia Reviews say I’ll experience?

Various weight loss health critics have been blown away by this particular weight loss treatment and have praised the supplement in their Garcinia Cambogia reviews. Because of its large scientific backing reviewers are more and more impressed. There are more great effects from the product than simply losing that unwanted fat from your tummy. Reviews suggest that you may:

  • Have more energy and be more active
  • Stay fuller for longer
  • Feel happier
  • Lower your blood sugar
  • Lower your cholesterol

Multiple Garcinia Cambogia reviewers have noticed that whilst on the diet they felt an improvement in their mood. This is because the HCA in the extract also helps release the hormone serotonin, which in turn can help with your sleep patterns and make you feel much happier throughout the day. The best Garcinia Cambogia extract reviews report the supplement’s ability to control your blood sugars. It encourages your cells to take in glucose sugar from your bloodstream more readily, meaning you have more sugars available for energy. This means that your body may respond to the insulin in you release more easily which will reduce your blood sugar levels. This is brilliant news for anyone who suffers from diabetes or may be likely to suffer from it in the future. However it is as ever advisory to consult your doctor before trying out this new supplement.

What to remember about Cambogia Garcinia extract reviews

Following such an explosive introduction onto the health scene multiple brands are now fighting it out to be the best Garcinia Cambogia around. It is imperative that when choosing your supplement you look for products with a high HCA concentration and few added artificial ingredients. Some expert doctors fully support the use the Garcinia fruit extract and give the Garcinia Cambogia star reviews. The evidence for these Garcinia extract reviews have been much debated due to most initial experiments having been carried out with animals rather than humans. The more recent human users have been extremely complimentary of the supplement and feel that it has had a wonderful impact on their lives. Reviewers report rapid weight loss as well as other less expected effects such as improved mood and lower blood sugar levels. This product seems to truly work and despite some inconclusive initial tests users are raving about all the benefits of the supplement!